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M. Zwawi

Libya's Premier Satirist: Muhammed M. Zwawi

Mr. Zwawi is a pioneer cartoonist whose works have been widely published in Libyan print media. We present a brief biographical profile of the artist, along with samples of his work, based on a collection entitled "Alwajh Al-Aakhar" (The Other Face), published by the Libyan Corporation for Publication Distribution and Advertising, 2nd ed., 1979.

Born in the suburbs of Benghazi in 1936, Mr. Zwawi attended Al-Abyar boarding school until the 4th grade, then transferred to Benghazi to continue his schooling. Family needs forced him to quit school and get a job. He began his career as an illustrator at the audiovisual department in "The Fourth American Station," and continued as such with the Libyan Ministry of News and Guidance. In 1963, he joined "Al-Idha'a" Magazine in Tripoli, where he published his first cartoon. He later became journalistic director for "Al-Mar'a" Magazine, and continued to publish in various print media including the daily paper "Al-Thawra" and the weekly magazine "Al-Usboo' Assiaasi." Enjoy these samples of the artistic genius of Mr. Zwawi.


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